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Indian Institute of Handwriting (IIH) is an establishment from the LK Online education & Services Pvt.Ltd and have experience of providing good quality education services across India for more than two decades. The students from the institution irrespective of any age bar have witnessed enormous success in various courses that are offered at various levels such as intermediate, graduate and post-graduate.

One’s handwriting style is one’s signature; it is a public and permanent statement. With the belief that a person's handwriting is a reflection of his or her personality, the institution helps students of all age groups develop beautiful handwriting while building up their confidence for their successful growth. The academy also invites other institutions or individuals especially women to become their franchise for training students in this handwriting improvement course. One of the important objectives of the institution is to encourage women's empowerment through entrepreneurship. Taking this into regard the institute also offers training to housewives and others interested in starting a franchise.

Promoting entrepreneurship among people, especially women that act as a means of empowering women by providing them opportunities and training them to create a franchise for conducting handwriting courses at individual or group levels to make sure that no person is disvalued because of handwriting.

To help students and others develop better handwriting skills irrespective of age and gender to attain self-discipline and produce good quality work which will also be an advantage for their future endeavours and will be an asset for them.