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The history of writing dates back to over a few thousand years, changing according to new cultures and innovative technologies. It outlines the development of expressing one’s language by letters or symbols. Humans started to write around 8000 years ago through symbols. It then shifted to ideographs and from there to phonographs. This further over the centuries adapted to different civilizations and to the latest ways of living and developed into a set pattern, which then came to be known as “language “


Penmanship is often referred to as the quality or style of a person’s handwriting. Its also known as the art or skill of writing by hand. Good penmanship is considered good or beautiful handwriting and this is one of the many important skills that a person can achieve. Good penmanship makes communication easier and more understandable to others. It also gives a good and positive idea about the person.


People are often Judged by their handwriting. Therefore Developing good handwriting is important as it boosts self-confidence as well as in many cases is taken as a reflection of one’s personality. It also helps in personality development as well as for better jobs. So, developing good and unique handwriting for oneself will be an asset that could be treasured lifelong.

Our Stand

Indian Institute of Handwriting (IIH) works towards helping students and adults develop better handwriting skills irrespective of age or gender to produce good quality work for themselves. One of the other main objectives is to encourage entrepreneurship mainly among women and provide them proper training to conduct classes for skill development. Through this platform, the organization hopes to make sure that no one is devalued because of their handwriting.

Handwriting Tips

Here are some tips that could be useful in developing good handwriting:

1. Examine and analyze your handwriting: writing a paragraph each day can be helpful to identify the mistakes and understand where the problem is.

2. Always try to handwrite things wherever possible: Practicing this instead of typing is one of the easiest ways of improving handwriting.

3. Follow the Handwriting you like: Copying a handwriting style you like and applying it in your day- to-day practice of writing could be a very efficient way to improve handwriting.

4. Consistency is the Key: Make sure that you are practicing the style adopted every day so that it keeps on improving. Discontinuing in between can cause a lot of time consumption and will bring down the quality.